Test Table Capture & Table to Excel
Below are a number of simple HTML tables to test the Table Capture and Table to Excel extensions with.

To test these extensions with massive tables, try the large tables test page.

A basic table with a header and text contents.
# First Name Last Name Username
1 Mark Otto @mdo
2 Jacob Thornton @fat
3 Larry the Bird @twitter
Not a table. Looks like one though. Invisible to the extension. Sorry.

This is a table that has been constructed using <div> tags and CSS.

Column 1
Column 2
Row 1, Col 1
Row 1, Col 2
Row 2, Col 1
Row 2, Col 2
A small table with HTML contents.
#1 #2 Checkbox column
A 1
B Content With Link
C 3 Also this checkbox =
Asymmetric table with plus signed values to trigger potential parse errors.
Alpha +1 thing -2 things
Beta +2.0
Delta Value: -0.5 units
Epsilon +5.0 Review
A basic table with amazing basketball players.
# Name Team Highlight
2 Kawi Leonard San Antonio Spurs v. Rockets
30 Steph Curry Golden State Warriors v. Nuggets
11 Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors 37 Point 3rd Quarter
A popout test. For when no Chrome Extension buttons are available. Right click the table!
Click to pop open this test page in a new window.
A table with formatting and images.
# Name Icon PNL
R1 Presentious Presentious logo $100.00
R2 Prompt by Presentious Prompt logo -$100.00
R3 Table to Excel Table to Excel logo $250.50
R4 Table to Excel Table to Excel logo -$50.05
A table that's constantly growing.

# Name Random Number
1 1-Row-Name --
2 2-Row-Name --
IFramed tables.