Table Capture

A cross-platform browser extension for capturing tabular data on websites. Export to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, CSV, etc.

January 2010

Available on

Airtable Extractor

A cross-platform browser extension to export Airtable views to Excel, CSV & JSON.

April 2022

Available on
Need a one-time export? Purchase a complete extract for $5.


Easily combine your voice & your slides to craft perfect educational content.

February 2018

eBay™ Feedback Exporter

A tool to export review data form eBay™ feedback pages as a CSV.

March 2021

CSV Viewer

A cross-platform browser extension to view CSV files in your browser.

May 2020

Available on

Airtable to SQL

A service to generate the SQL schema and insert statements that will create a SQL table and populate it with data from an Airtable view.

September 2023


Goal Board, Vision Board

A cross-platform browser extension for eliminating distractions from accomplishing your goals.

May 2018

Available on


Ask questions. Get answers. In a human, natural way - with your voice.

July 2015

Noise Generator

Generate noise to help you ______.

October 2022

Available on

Time Clock

An app that allows employees to clock in and out of work.

December 2022

NFT Helper

NFT Helper overlays NFT collection rarity information over marketplace listings.

September 2021


Literary Clock

Tell the time via literary quotes with this Chrome extension.

August 2018

Ptero Redactyl

A little Chrome extension to redact data in webpages. George uses it to share screenshots from Stripe.

November 2021

TV for Reddit

A Chrome extension that plays all videos on a Reddit page sequentially. Designed for NBA Reddit.

February 2019

Video Scrubber for Instagram

A cross-platform browser extension to be able to scrub through videos on Instagram.

September 2017

Available on

Video Controls for TikTok

A cross-platform browser extension to be able to scrub through videos on TikTok.

February 2020

Available on
What George does
Web Apps
I really ❤️ the web. I love making web-apps of all kinds. Hot take: An amazing, fast-loading mobile responsive website is better than a native app 95% of the time.
React GraphQL TypeScript Async / Promises HTML5 CSS JavaScript (ES6) Full-stack NodeJS Python Java MySQL Postgres MongoDB REST Visual Studio Code Prettier GitHub Copilot
Browser Extensions
As you can tell from my projects, I find making browser extensions to be a lot of fun. They're incredibly easy to make and I love how they can be a layer across the web. As a web-centric person, I find that to be a very powerful concept.
Manifest V3 Service Workers APIs Manifest V2 Google Chrome Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox
Data Extraction & Web Scraping
Another web-adjacent thing! Are you sensing a theme? Web Scraping is a fun puzzle that I find enjoyable because I love the browser's DOM (Document Object Model).
Headless Chrome NodeJS Puppeteer Cloud Functions